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In the production of the yerba mate, we use the Barbacuá system, a dedicated process by which the leaves are exposed to the heat of a wood fire for one day, thus receiving the essences of a selected group of native woods. If you want to know more about the Barbacuá system, don’t miss the DOCUMENTARY.


24-month seasoning

In the natural maturation process of the yerba mate, the essential period goes from the first 18 to 24 months. During that time, the yerba acquires beneficial qualities that would be impossible to obtain in less seasoning or maturation time. Thanks to the 24-month seasoning, the yerba does not produce heartburn, its flavor is less strong, and its scent is more delicate and long-lasting.


biodegradable paper packaging

Our packaging of kraft paper protects not only the product, but also the environment, as it’s biodegradable. But our commitment with the ecosystem goes even further. While the Barbacuá system is based on the drying by exposure to the heat of a fire built with different types of wood, the conservation and restoration of native species is also a key part of the process.

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The natural habitat of the yerba mate is located in subtropical regions with average temperatures of 20 °C, warm summers, high humidity and precipitations ranging from 1500 to 1800 mm per year during the months of budding and blooming (from September to March).

As regards the land, the best soils are those characterized by being well-drained, loose, sandy clay, slightly acid but high in nutrients (N, P, K, Mg, Ca and other minor elements) and fertile (usually known as ‘red soils’).

Mapa Misiones Home
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This legend is the story of the creation of Isondú, also known as glow worms or fireflies. Legend has it that a young man called Isondú lived among the guarani people from the forest of Misiones. All his peers envied him, for he was very resourceful and most women felt attracted to him. He stood out in everything, from hunting to fishing, and he was never seen alone, since all the young girls always found excuses to go talk to this handsome guarani man.

But one night, the envy that had been consuming all the men became so great that they decided to gather in the hill and build a trap for Isondú, who was returning from visiting a young lady. That was how Isondú fell into the trap and never went out again. However, that same night, the men gazed in awe as small lights started to raise from the center of the pit, shinning and lighting up the trees and vines of the forest. Ever since, a large number of isondúes fill the forest with their extraordinary brightness, turning such place into an enchanted setting.