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Barbacuá, an exclusive system for drying out the yerba mate, takes back a technique used by the guarani Indians more than 400 years ago and it incorporates new technologies in the combustion systems in order to obtain a smoke-free product, but maintaining the distinctive flavor and scent of this type of yerba. It´s a long process by which the leaves are exposed to the heat of a wood fire for 10 to 12 hours, thus receiving the essences of a select group of woods, such as Anchico, Alecrín, María Preta and Canela de Venado, among many others. These species are naturally implanted and regenerated into their ecosystem.

The following step is the seasoning of the yerba for 24 months, until it acquires the unmistakable flavor of Isondú, refined by its inheritance and its strong personality.


If you want to know more about the Barbacuá system, don’t miss the documentary with all the details about the process, the place, the story and the people behind this exclusive system.

Synopsis: Misiones, in the northeast of Argentina, is the land of the green gold. The yerba mate is the main commercial activity. Important business owners make a fortune while workmen die completing their task. Standing in the middle of these extremes, a group of small producers, descendants of European immigrants, and two agronomists do their best to recover the social and cultural value of a traditional type of production called “barbacuá”. The particularity of this system, as well as the story of the project and the cooperative effort of its protagonists, is shown in the documentary.

This project was carried out with the support and kindness of producers, former producers and workers of yerba mate in the barbacuá system from the colonies of Guaraní, Los Helechos, Florentino Ameghino and Yapeyú, in the province of Misiones, Argentina. Also, it would not have been possible without the valuable contribution of friends and relatives, who offered their generous help along every step of the production of this film.


A documentary about an artisanal and traditional production of yerba mate. Watch on YouTube.

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